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AP 6511E 802.11N

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POWERFUL WI-FI FOR HOTELS, DORMITORIES AND HOSPITALS 802.11a/b/g/n 300 Mbps Single radio (2.4Ghz or 5.0Ghz) Access Point Internal Antena MIMO 2x2

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WiNG Express brings the power of enterprise award-winning WiNG 5 architecture to your midsize businesses. With WiNG Express, your business now has access to latest wireless technology and always-on capability trusted by large enterprise businesses. In addition, the portfolio contains purpose built enterprise-grade products for midsize businesses that will allow customers to scale their network with their business.


WiNG Express products can be configured and deployed in about 5 minutes. After powering on the access point, the user can connect to “WiNGExpress” SSID and go to www.zebra.com/wingexpress to configure the access point. Once an access point is configured, the user can enable the virtual controller feature and let the access point configure and manage additional access points by simply adding them to the network.


WiNG Express is Zebra’s powerful enterprise-class WLAN operating system wrapped in an easy-to-use and easy-to understand graphical user interface that makes end-to-end deployment and management of WLAN network easy for midsize businesses. The user interface provides a concise menu with time tracked network and client information. As such, WiNG Express User Interface empowers midsize businesses with valuable information available to enterprise customers in a meaningful way; allowing you to leverage wireless applications to drive business.


For midsize businesses, the WiNG Express portfolio provides the ability to deploy an enterprise-grade network that is affordable and scalable with ease. Businesses with up to 25 access points get the power of centralized management — without the need to purchase and manage a controller. Deployment of WiNG Express Manager can help deploy a network with different WiNG Express Access Points and scale with more than 25 access points.


The AP 6511E features a snap-in port for any keystone style connector e.g. RJ11 or TV coax, so multiple services can be supported on a single integrated AP 6511E. Because guest rooms often require additional Ethernet ports for voice service, minibar monitoring or even guest wireline; a snap-on three port Ethernet module is available to easily expand the number of available ports. The rapid installation is predictable and repeatable across multiple properties. Installation in minutes rather than hours will dramatically lower deployment costs


AP 6511E includes a self optimizing algorithm of a virtual controller, which allows network services to scale securely without configuring additional access points. With virtual controller enabled, midsize businesses can manage an entire network of up to 25 access points from a single access point. Virtual controller automatically configures its peer access points on the local network and allows management of all access points on a network.

In addition, midsize businesses can scale their network with WiNG Express Manager, which can expand a network to include different WiNG Express access points across multiple sites supporting up to 1,024 access points.

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