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BENEFITS Aluminium welded thriedal angle and reinforced bar for a loading capacity up to 1000kg 12U additionaly available in vertical way 180° opening doors to a better accesibility on the cabinet Large aperture on the roof equipped with a panel brush Elegant design

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600x1000 S42610 Baie 19’’– gamme SERVER 42U 600x1000 1000 Kg

800x1000 S42810 Baie 19’’– gamme SERVER 42U 800x1000 1000 Kg

800x1200mm S42812 Baie 19’’– gamme SERVER 42U 800x1200 1000 Kg




  • Aluminium welded trihedral angle which give an excellent rigidity and stability of the cabinet even in case of maximum load
  • 6 reinforced bar studied to allow a load capacity up to 1000kg
  • Sturdy structure in steel sheet
  • 19’’ front mounting, thickness 20/10, in galvanized steel to ensure an electrical continuity for the ground
  • Adjustable mounting depth by a slide system
  • 80% perforated front and rear doors for an excellent natural ventilation
  • Simple and perforated roof to allow a natural ventilation
  • RAL 9005


  • 180° opening doors for a better accessibility in the cabinet
  • 12U vertical available on the 19’’ mounting : 3U per mounting
  • Wide entry equipped with panel brush on the roof in order to facilitate configurations « Top of Server »
  • Quick release and reversible door
  • Front door equipped with a 3 points locking mechanism
  • Side panel : easy to release, lockable and removable
  • Sliding access panel on the bottom equipped with a rubber joint to avoid cable pinch

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