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Summit X460 Series Series Intelligent, cost-effective edge switching

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Summit X460 Series Intelligent, cost-effective edge switching High-Performance and Highly Scalable Switching and Routing High Density, Small Form Factor Up to 1668 watts Flexible IEEE 802.3at Power over Ethernet Plus (PoE-plus)

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The Summit® X460 series is based on Extreme Networks® revolutionary ExtremeXOS®, a highly resilient OS that provides continuous uptime, manageability and operational efficiency. Each switch offers the same high-performance, non- blocking hardware technology, in the Extreme Networks tradition of simplifying network deployments through the use of common hardware and software throughout the network.

The Summit X460 switches are effective campus edge switches with IEEE 802.3at PoE-plus and can also serve as aggregation switches for traditional enterprise networks. The Summit X460 series is also an option for DSLAM or CMTS aggregation, or for active Ethernet access.

The Summit X460 is can also be used as a top-of-rack switch for many data center environments with features such as high-density Gigabit Ethernet for concentrated data center environments; XNVTM (ExtremeXOS Network Virtualization) for centralized network-based Virtual Machine (VM) inventory, VM location history and VM provisioning; Direct AttachTM to offload VM switching from servers, thereby improving performance; high-capacity Layer 2/Layer 3 scalability for highly virtualized data centers; and intra-rack and cross-rack stacking with industry- leading flexibility.

High Performance Switching and Routing

  • 52-port, 48-port or 28-port Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) connectivity in a 1RU form factor
  • Optional two-port 10 GbE in Slot A to provide 20 Gbps uplinks
  • Optional four-port 10 GbE in Slot B to provide 40 Gbps uplinks
  • Optional in Slot B is Voice-grade SummitStackTM 40 Gbps or SummitStack-V80 80 Gbps high-speed stacking or SummitStack-V, longer distance stacking the Summit X460 provides a flexible stacking solution inside the data center or central office to create a virtualized switching infrastructure across rows of racks. SummitStack-V80 is compatible with Summit X460, X480, X650 and X670V switches running the same version

    of ExtremeXOS.

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