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N-TEK Distribution is CyberPower’s distributor of UPS solutions in Vietnam

N-TEK Distribution will provide single-phase UPS lines and rack systems, PDUs, inverters, battery management systems (BMS), UPS management software on the cloud and 3-phase UPS in data centers for customers in the Vietnamese market.


CyberPower awarded distribution certificate to N-TEK Distribution (Photo: N-TEK Distribution)

On August 1, the CyberPower brand, a provider of uninterruptible power supply (UPS) solutions with the 2nd market share in the North American market, and the inventor of GreenPower UPS technology to help customers save energy, announced the signing of a statement. Distribution agreement with N-TEK Distribution Company.

Accordingly, N-TEK Distribution will be CyberPower’s distributor in the Vietnamese market. N-TEK Distribution will provide a full line of single-phase UPS and rack systems, PDUs, inverters, battery management systems (BMS), UPS management software on the Cloud and 3-phase UPS in data centers. materials for customers in the Vietnamese market.


CyberPower and N-TEK Distribution jointly signed a Development Cooperation Agreement (Photo: N-TEK Distribution)

Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan, General Director of CyberPower Systems Inc in Vietnam, said: “N-TEK Distribution has more than 10 years of experience in the business of distributing information technology equipment and electromechanical infrastructure in Vietnam.” Male. Cooperating with N-TEK Distribution will not only help CyberPower access dealer channels and partners, but also help CyberPower provide UPS solutions for data centers to financial, insurance, and banking corporate customers. goods… nationwide.

With CyberPower’s complete 1-phase and 3-phase UPS solutions, professionally trained technical support team and N-TEK Distribution’s thorough after-sales service, we strongly believe that we will help many customers. Customers in Vietnam will save costs and bring high efficiency in the digital transformation process in the near future.”


Mr. Nguyen Minh Tuan, General Director of CyberPower Systems Inc in Vietnam, spoke at the ceremony (Photo: N-TEK Distribution)

At the announcement ceremony, Ms. Tran Thu Thuy, Sales Director of N-TEK Distribution, shared her views on the cooperation relationship with CyberPower: “We would like to express our joy and respect for the relationship. partnership between N-TEK Distribution and CyberPower. Becoming an official strategic partner of CyberPower has strengthened our position in the information technology industry and laid the foundation for sustainable development in the future.”

According to Ms. Thuy, by providing complete 1-phase and 3-phase UPS solutions and CyberPower management systems, N-TEK Distribution has completed the set of power system and supply management solutions for customers. goods in Vietnam.

“This is the result after a period of searching for solutions to diversify capacity, apply energy-saving technology, protect the life of electricity-consuming devices and suit the needs of use in Vietnam. . Our customers will benefit from the combination of CyberPower’s advanced technology along with N-TEK Distribution’s professional technical support team and dedicated sales policy. We are committed to continuing to promote development in introducing to the Vietnamese market the world’s leading solutions at reasonable costs and the best service for customers.”


Ms. Tran Thu Thuy – Sales Director of N-TEK Distribution spoke at the ceremony (Photo: N-TEK Distribution)

CyberPower Systems Inc. is a global energy management solutions provider, providing highly efficient energy management products ranging from 1-phase and 3-phase UPS, PDUs, solar inverter systems, inverters, protection units boosters, portable chargers, power management software, to computer peripherals. With over 20 years of experience, CyberPower provides unparalleled hardware and software integration while focusing on Green solutions for the broad sectors the brand serves.

N-TEK Technology Distribution Co., Ltd. (N-TEK Distribution Co., Ltd.) was established in 2013, specializing in distributing technology equipment, electromechanical infrastructure, security surveillance, and solution consulting. solutions, design, support and guidance on installation and configuration of equipment for large projects in Vietnam. N-TEK Distribution is currently a distribution partner for products of the world’s leading brands such as Extreme Networks, SonicWall, Garland, Pelco, Hitachi, Belden, MMC…

N-TEK Distribution has 2 offices in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, and operates in international markets. The company owns a team of engineers and experts in technical solutions with high qualifications and experience, working with organizations and businesses to research and analyze business requirements and customer requirements to bring produce highly applicable products and solutions that best meet the needs of users.

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Phone: 0336849688* According to NPD data (2023)

Source: Dan Tri newspaper

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