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  • Head Office: B4-20 Vinhome Gardenia, Ham Nghi, Nam Tu Liem, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • HCM Office: No. 12- Street 17, Lakeview Urban Area, An Phu Ward, City. Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh
  • Hotline: 0856.322.744 - 0858.322.744

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    IT equipment - Server - storage systems

    N-TEK server and storage system equipment solutions

    Server - storage system solution is the perfect combination of server and storage technology to create a powerful and effective IT environment. It supports high-performance and secure storage and management of data, applications, and server resources. 

    Hitachi Brand - Inspire The Next

    We are proud to be the official distribution partner of the brand Hitachi - Inspire The Next, one of the leading providers of technology and IT solutions - providing solutions Server system - high quality storage, including:

    • RAID Storage System: Provides reliable data storage with security and data protection features.
    • SDS (Software-Defined Storage) storage system: Allows for easy optimization and management of storage resources through software.
    • Blade and rack servers: Providing high-performance server solutions for diverse enterprise environments.
    • Converged Infrastructure: Combine server, storage and network components to create a total system that saves space and resources.
    • Flash and SSD storage system: Provides fast processing speed and high performance for data retrieval.
    • Private Cloud Solution: Creates a private and secure cloud environment to store and manage data.

    N-TEK is committed to providing diverse products and services such as powerful servers, flexible storage systems, and customized solutions for each business's specific requirements. Furthermore, we support system performance optimization and data security, helping businesses operate efficiently and protect important information.

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